Authorize Local is a digital marketing company that delivers essential services like web development, local SEO, and more to small businesses.

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    What is Digital Marketing?

    Digital marketing is the process of companies integrating themselves into the digital world. Digital marketing is more cost-effective and brings more results than traditional marketing methods. 

    Discover It

    We focus on your goals and ultimately define a plan through research and analysis that best serves your customers’ needs

    Perfect It

    Establish the best way for potential customers to understand, experience, and connect with your brand, ensuring its fullest marketing potential

    Promote It

    Ensure your brand reaches your target audience, paving the way for new, loyal customers and obtaining results through communication

    Client Testimonials

    • Thank you for taking us from the 11th page to the second page.
      Our business is growing much faster than we could even imagine.

      Ermolai Yulia
    • Everything went so smoothly with Authorize Local.
      Our customers now actually visit our web site.

      Jiahao Chen
    • I used to think that if the product at hand is of good quality, success can be achieved without marketing.
      Authorize Local has proven to us how wrong that thought is.

      Nirmal Gina

    Our Services

    Small businesses’ first priority is to make sure their digital profiles are correct and optimized by doing local SEO. Afterwards, they need to develop a website and integrate into every aspect of digital marketing.

    Most effective and result-oriented SEO optimization for your business. We optimize your business information on the internet, such as services, products, location, working hours, etc. The more data you provide on the internet, the more visibility you gain.

    Developer-level SEO optimization. We dive into your website’s codes and optimize them for search engine robots. This way, search engines understand what your website is about much better and rank you higher.

    Unique, fast, and responsive websites with a powerful infrastructure. A content management system that allows you to make quick and secure changes. Best in se cotr price-performance ratio. Face-to-face communication with real people.

    Content marketing is essential. Content is the foundation of your brand. How you structure that content affects how you deliver it to customers. Authorize Local unifies content and supports consistency and creativity.

    Authorize Local has extensive experience creating email campaigns that deliver compelling offers and messages to a highly targeted audience via email. A degree of personalization that consumers trust and react to.

    Website maintenance is an essential part of a business. Whether there are 2 products or 100 products, they need to be updated at regular intervals of time. We offer the best website maintenance services at a very affordable price.

    Get the blog content you need, with quality and speed. A well-researched and SEO-friendly blog post is the cornerstone of an effective content marketing campaign. We create blog posts that reflect the core values and voice of your brand.

    Get your stories to your audience without having to break the bank when using our press release distribution. Our services help you get coverage and reach your target audience quickly and efficiently. Reach the right audience with our global distribution network of media outlets, journalists, reporters, and trade publications.

    Drive traffic to your business by sending text messages to your customers. The average person looks at their phone over 100 times per day, and 99% of text messages are opened and read.

    Don’t let negative or incorrect content ruin your business reputation. Negative or false content online can significantly impact the reputation of your brand. We offer complete and comprehensive packages to fix and protect your google business reputation.

    We create and optimize all your social media accounts. It is very important that your social media accounts are set up for businesses.

    Restaurant websites, online ordering, gift cards, and more. All in one place. Feature your brand across every transaction, including gift cards, tickets, and merchandise. Our team handles the initial setup so that you can hit the ground running in just a few weeks. We have a solution tailored to food and beverage businesses.

    Brand Marketing News & Thoughts

    Here are our thoughts, views and ideas about brand marketing and more. If you're looking for a digital and social media agency to help you achieve your objectives we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch and tell us a little about what you need.

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