5 Easy Ways to Build Your Customer Base in 2022

5 Easy Ways To Build Your Customer Base in 2022

Repeat, loyal customers are the backbone of any small business.

No matter how big or small, every company may struggle at times to bring in, and keep, new customers.

At the end of the day, as a business owner, your goal is to draw potential customers to you, build a positive relationship with them, and keep them coming back for more.

So, how exactly do you do that? What are the easiest ways to build a customer base?

In order to cut through the noise of the world wide web, let me break it down into a few easy-to-implement ways in which you can build a consistent customer base.

1. Invest In Customer Analytics Software

In order to build and maintain a solid customer base, you need to fully understand your target audience.

By using customer analytics software, you’re collecting and analyzing data about your consumers to get a more in-depth understanding of their behavior.

These software programs can give you insight into information such as: which online platform is generating the most traffic, which keywords are directing buyers to your site, what a customer’s buying process looks like, and what aspects of your product buyers like and dislike the most.

Gaining this insight is an invaluable tool for growing your customer list.

These programs are designed to help you understand what aspects of your marketing are working, and which aren’t. Therefore, you can press on with the revenue-generating tactics, and cut back on the ineffective ones.

2. Stay Active On Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming the single most powerful (free) tool for businesses to promote their products.

In order to successfully gain customers, first, determine your target audience.

Once you establish this, you can pick and choose what social media platforms will be the most effective.

For example, if your product benefits the younger generation, TikTok and Instagram are ideal platforms to be on.

Staying active on social media is key. The more active you are, the harder it is for your costumers to forget about you.

Not only this, the more you post to your feed, the more likely it is for Instagram to boost your profile, increasing your visibility.

Providing an easy to spot, mobile-optimized link to your webpage somewhere near your social media username is key to gaining exposure to your product’s website.

3. Giveaways and Contests

Don’t ever underestimate the power of free merchandise.

Through social media, you can run giveaways and contests with your product as the prize, in order to gain attention to your profile, create excitement, increase your feed’s activity, and ultimately, gain new customers.

In order to ensure your giveaway is as effective as possible in gaining a new client list, require them to submit their email in order to enter.

If you want to take it one step further, allow extra submissions to the contest if they share your post on their own personal page.

4. Put Effort Into Your Website

Your website can be one of easiest access points for new customers to get connected with you. However, you have to make sure your website is optimized for just that. Offer a discount in exchange for their email address or phone number.

Research has shown that a discount doesn’t have to be significant in order for it to grab a potential customer’s attention. Most companies start with 10%-15% off a first purchase, or free shipping.

If your budget doesn’t allow for discounts, make sure your website at least has a clearly visible link for new costumers to input their information.

Creating website that is clean (no flashy or unnecessary clutter) and easy to navigate (such as optimizing your site for mobile phones) will ensure that the costumers landing on your page stick around.

5. Collaborate With a Social Media Influencer

There is immense power in social proof.

When consumers want an informed opinion on a product, they no longer turn to any old forum online, they turn to social media.

Through word of mouth, consumers are 49% more likely to buy your product and become future customers if an influencer they follow promotes it

People want to have confidence that what they’re purchasing is worth their time and money. If they see a social media influencer boosting your product, you’re building a positive reputation with future buyers that your product is worth the expense.

89% of professional marketers have stated that social media influencer collaborations are as effective -if not more effective -than traditional marketing tactics.

You Can Start Building Your Customer List Today

While building and maintaining a dependable customer base can seem challenging at first, there are many ways you can kick start this process. If your company is brand new and you don’t have enough of a client stream to fully benefit from customer analyzing software, start with the basics.

Use the power of social media to bring attention to what you’re selling. Remember to post relevant, useful information on your feed from time to time, instead of focusing on gaining a sale with each post. Customers are likely to follow your page if they aren’t constantly bombarded with photos and articles trying to win the money out of their pockets. In addition, put in the labor of refining and polishing up your website. Make sure those who land on your page feel welcomed and can easily access what they are looking for.

Once you’ve gained traction, don’t forget how powerful customer analytic software can be. You’ll get a first-hand look into the inside of your buyers’ minds to tailor your marketing to fit what you need it to. By remaining consistent with all of these tips, there’s no doubt you’ll start seeing your customer list continue to grow.

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