Authorize Local Announces Its Incredible New Digital Scratch- Off Marketing Tool

Authorize Local, a leading provider of digital marketing and brand development services for small and mid-sized businesses, announces its incredible new digital scratch-off marketing tool for future remarketing use.

New York, N.Y. – Authorize Local, a trusted local internet marketing company is formerly known as HENRY YORK DIGITAL, proudly announces its new digital scratch-off marketing campaign. The highly effective and engaging marketing tool creates an exciting experience for customers and employees while collecting primary data for companies to use for remarketing purposes.

As a leading provider of digital marketing services since 2001, Authorize Local (formerly known as HENRY YORK DIGITAL) understands that most companies attract the majority of their business through online marketing campaigns. However, with so many businesses relying heavily on internet marketing to increase revenue, it can be hard to obtain the personal information of potential customers. That is where Authorize Local’s new digital scratch-off marketing campaign comes into play.

The best digital marketing campaigns are those that get potential customers to happily input their personal information. One of the best ways to encourage customer interaction with digital marketing campaigns is to create scratch-off games that immediately reward the customer for participating. The digital scratch-off marketing tool from Authorize Local is designed to be both user-friendly and fun. Companies that choose to use the campaign to gather primary information for remarketing purposes can create their own unique scratch-off campaigns using custom prizes and rewards.

Scratch-off games increase interaction with customers and create a sense of excitement and endearment to a particular brand. To redeem their coupons, customers must return to the issuing company’s website and use the rewards they have won before the expiration date. The process generates more traffic and sales. It also provides businesses with true data belonging to real customers. The data gleaned from digital scratch-off marketing campaigns can help CEOs and marketing departments create more targeted advertisements and company announcements going forward.

In addition to data collection and website traffic improvements, fun scratch-off games can also improve customer loyalty. Everyone loves to win because it feels good and is rewarding. When a company provides current and potential customers with the fun experience of winning something of value, these customers are more likely to feel a sense of appreciation and loyalty to that particular brand. As word spreads about the fun digital games a certain company provides, more people will talk about that company in positive ways online. Those who would like to learn more about Authorize Local’s digital scratch-off marketing campaign are invited to try the service free for one week. Learn more by calling Authorize Local at +1-212-335-0233.

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