Promotional Incentives: Cost or Investment?

Product quality is essential when planning a promotional giveaway, as nobody wants to receive a cheap gift. A giveaway that breaks after the first or second use is a poor reflection on your brand and offers little incentive for the customer to thank you for the gift or have a positive emotion about your firm when they use a similar product of better quality in the future.

How Can My Charity Cut Costs?

Marketing does not need to be expensive if it is carefully planned and executed with the assistance of a professional. Unfortunately, many charities rely on volunteers and low-paid staff to execute marketing initiatives, and these well-intentioned but inexperienced helpers can actually drive up the cost through their lack of knowledge about how to get the best deal, find the best supplier or determine the best tactics.

The Effectiveness of Brand Promotion

Brand promotion is more than slapping a logo on a coffee cup and tossing it in a product shipment to a customer. Brand promotion is a deliberate, well-planned process of associating your logo, your tagline, and your value proposition with the needs of your customers and causing them to think of you when they need a product or service that you offer.

Good “Old-Fashioned” Direct Mail Delivers Better Marketing Results for Neighborhood Business

While a majority of small businesses invest in some form of online advertising, many are discovering that the quality of response from time-tested direct mail delivers better results overall. Marketing industry research suggests that fifty percent of U.S. consumers prefer direct mail to email and that postal promotions produce a 300% greater response rate.