User-Targeted Email Marketing

Email marketing in Authorize Local is user-oriented. We work with your marketing team to work toward your target audience.

We build the email marketing structure according to what your users expect. After examining data such as location data, purchases, campaign performances, and website activities, it becomes clear in which direction we will proceed.

Collecting Emails

Before you start email marketing, you need to collect users’ emails. At this point, you will understand more clearly why you should choose Authorize Local.

There are many ways to collect emails. The most important of these is to turn your customers into subscribers. How? By ensuring that your people find your content entertaining and useful so that they don’t want to miss any of the content you produce.

Useful and regular Blog posts.
User-friendly and useful website
Scratch-Off Games
and more

Here is Some Key Points

Why Email marketing is essential for a business:

1. Everyone uses email
90% of the internet users are using email. This amount of email makes it the perfect for your marketing. In today’s world, everyone you come across, and everyone who’s in your target audience, use email.

Unlike other marketing channels email gives you a direct way of two-way communication with your target audience.

2. Email lets you build brand awareness and appeal
Building brand awareness is an important activity for any business starting out or want to grow. Brand awareness drives consumers to choose your products over competitors.

So how does email marketing builds brand awareness?

Awareness comes from attracting attention. People learn about you when you make yourself visible.

You can use emails in a few ways to hold your recipients’ attention. Such as:

  • Industry updates
  • Expert advice
  • Market news
  • Blog updates

These examples should relate to your business but shouldn’t directly address your business. Such emails will help you build brand awareness while showing your customers you care about more than just your own name.

3. Email generates website traffic
Imagine you’ve an email list up to 100,000 contacts and you have an average click-through rate of 5%.

When you publish an article or product launch and you share it with your email list 5% of the recipients click and visit your website and you’re going to have 5000 people who immediately know about your new product. At almost no cost!

Start Developing Your Strategy Now!

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