Google Reputation

Pay Attention to Google

Today, even the smallest searches are done through the google search engine without even noticing. Most people make a search even for the websites they already know the full address like Facebook or Youtube, and then click the link in search results, without even noticing. 

This is a very important detail. If you’re not on Google, you’re out of the market!

Perfect SEO is Not Enough

If your business is not registered on Google properly then you are rowing against the current. Google need to know you. Where you located? How can people reach you? What products you are selling? Etc.

How Google Reputation Works?

Best way to explain this is giving an example. Let’s say you have a bakery shop. You are legend bakery for local folk. A new bakery just opened across the street and your sales dropped suddenly. Their pastry not taste as good as yours but their business so much better than yours.

Then you realize when people looking for bakery on a map, or searching online for nearby bakery shops, that new shop is popping up on the map and they look like the only bakery in your area.

Naturally people look no further and follow the directions to that bakery. You are ghost business now.

But it is very easy to fix with Authorize Local.

Stop Being a Ghost

Now is the time to stand out. No need to lose any more sales.