How Do Instagram Giveaways Work

How Do Instagram Giveaways Help Boost Businesses?

With Instagram boasting over 1 billion followers, 80% of those people follow at least one brand. So, if you’re a business owner, utilizing Instagram is a no brainer.

But, how exactly do you do that?
How do Instagram giveaways help boost business?

Sure, you can post content, decorate your stories to fit your aesthetic, and create a profile that is pleasing to the eye. But, isn’t that what everyone else is doing?

If you’re a business owner and you haven’t considered how Instagram giveaways can help grow your business, let me enlighten you.

The Marketing Tactic of Giveaways

Though our world is incredibly diverse, there is one thing nobody can resist: free stuff.

Think about this, have you ever entered your email into that annoying pop-up box just to claim a company’s 10% off coupon?

It’s the same idea.

We all subscribe, like, or follow brands in hopes of obtaining a discount, winning a contest, or joining a giveaway. When the prize is your product, you generate excitement and spark interest in consumers who may not have purchased in the past.

The idea of hosting a giveaway or contest to draw in new customers has been around for quite some time. Giveaways are made to be simple, exciting, and easy to apply. Whether it’s “like our page for a chance to win!” or “comment your favorite summer activity to be entered!” the rules are typically minimal, and the reward is enticing.

Instagram is just one platform that caters to both big and small business marketing tactics.
So, what are some of the ways Instagram giveaways can help you grow your business?

1. Builds Brand Awareness

How are potential customers supposed to buy your product and invest in your company if they don’t know you even exist?

Increasing your brand’s visibility is the first step in creating a loyal consumer base.
In the very simplest sense: the more customers you have, the better. If you’re a small business, it’s crucial to increase consciousness about your company in order to increase customers.

89% of professional marketers believe that brand awareness should be a small business owner’s number one goal. So how do Instagram giveaways help with this?

Promoting free products is a sure-fire way to grab the public’s attention.

If you want to take your giveaway to the next level, require your customers to share your post, tag a friend, or comment on your photo in order to be entered into the drawing. By doing this, you’re spreading the word about your company even further.

If you want to create the most successful giveaway, make sure your prize is worthwhile. High risk, high reward.

2. Increases Follower Engagement

One of the most overlooked aspects of the Instagram algorithm is understanding how your follower’s interactions can make or break your page.

It’s not enough to simply have followers, you have to ensure your followers are interacting with your content.

With giveaways, you can require active participation to enter, a quick and incredibly easy way to boost your follower engagement.

Instagram will promote popular posts that have high amounts of engagement, so with a giveaway, you’re creating more visibility for your page.

With the minimal effort required of your followers to like or share a post, the activity a giveaway can generate is often remarkable.

3. Helps You Gain More Followers

Most small businesses rely on social media to create and solidify their customer base. With an Instagram giveaway, you’re rewarding the followers you do have while gaining attention from new ones.

By utilizing free giveaways, you’re encouraging people to learn more about your company and drawing like-minded users to your business.

Contests are known as one of the most beneficial and effortless ways to promote your page and increase your following.

Allowing extra entries into your giveaway through means of sharing your post or “tagging 3 friends” can speed this process up even quicker.

4. Builds Your Email Following

While social media is incredibly important and undoubtedly necessary to grow your business in 2022, email marketing is still alive and well.

Many consumers want more from a company than its product. This is why blogging is so important. You’re providing your customers with useful, relevant knowledge on a particular topic.

Through email marketing, you can not only promote your brand, but you can also establish a reputation as an expert on a particular topic.

With 89% of marketing professionals agreeing that email is still their most useful tool for generating sales, it’s crucial not to skip this step.

When creating your giveaway, provide a link with ‘how to enter’ instructions and require an email address to enter. It’s that easy.

Just don’t make your followers regret it. By only sending emails about your products, you come across as money hungry.

For every 1 promotional email, send 4 or 5 informational ones in between.

5. Boost Sales

The last, and most obvious reason to run an Instagram giveaway, is to boost your company’s sales.
At the end of the day, all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into making your online presence attractive is for one simple thing: income.

If the winner of your contest enjoys your product, it’s fair to assume they’ll return for another purchase. Not only this, it’s likely they will spread their satisfaction through word of mouth, whether in person or through their own social media page.

Many times a company will run an Instagram giveaway promoting a gift card to their store. Research has proven that many consumers will often spend more than their giveaway amount, which is another quick way to boost sales.

Should I RunAn Instagram Giveaway For My Business?

The answer is simple: yes.

The biggest risk you’re taking is the loss of the product, but in the grand scheme of business marketing, this is a small price to pay when you think of the benefits your company can reap from a simple contest.

In the day and age of social media, brands have to become smarter, and market more efficiently in order to survive.

Giveaways and contests have been utilized for decades, and are a tried and true, powerful tool to build brand awareness, increase your followers, and ultimately: bring in more money.
Don’t hesitate: as soon as today, you can start growing your dream business.

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