How Dental Practitioners Can Utilize Google Maps Optimization, and SEO Voice Search

With our technology-heavy society, creating a presence online is essential for your business to thrive. Understanding exactly how to enhance your dental office’s online presence with Google maps has not always been easy information to find.

Up until recent years, Google has been quite lucrative when it comes to how exactly you can optimize your position in their Maps application.

However, with high demand for easy-to-follow yet efficient strategies, Google has finally littered the web with tools to not only boost your business’s visibility but help your company reach its goals.

So, how exactly do you utilize Google maps as a Dentist?

If you’re a dental practitioner looking to increase your online visibility, stay with me because I’ll go through all of that -and more.

What Is Google Maps Optimization?

When you hear the term ‘google maps optimization’ it simply means refining, polishing, and making your google business page top tier -not only to stand out from the competition, but to gain trust among new clients, and increase your click-through rate.

Google Maps makes it incredibly easy for any consumer to simply type in what they’re looking for, and read everything there is to know about you and your business -that is, IF your business page is up to date and full of relevant information.

One of the most important aspects of Google Maps Optimization is focusing on local search engine keywords. This is to ensure the details about your business come up in the Google Maps index.

Google Maps Optimization impacts exactly how Google perceives your business, and whether or not it even shows up in organic searches.

Why Is Google Maps Optimization Important?

By creating a Google Maps business profile, you’re enabling customers to find you in real-time, the second they search for the product they’re looking for.

76% of consumers who searched for a service or product using Google maps either visited the store or made a purchase the same day.

It’s no surprise that many people are a bit distrusting of any business that doesn’t have an online presence in 2022. You could be the most honest, hardworking business owner in the world, but without a website, or even at minimal, a Google Business page, you’re missing out on hundreds of potential customers.

When it comes to optimizing your Google Maps page there are even more benefits:

Helps customers find your business: This is particularly important for out-of-town visitors, or new residents.
Allows quick contact with your business: Our society is impatient. If something is too hard, we move on to the next. With Google maps, your phone number is linked with a call button, so it truly cannot get easier.
Motivates people to visit: Whether this is visiting your website, or visiting your store, by enhancing your google maps presence, you’re encouraging people to come check you out.
Gives people a visual image: By adding clear, crisp photos to your business page, you’re allowing new customers to get a feel for your company before they even step foot in your store.
Shows Credibility: By garnering reviews from happy past clients, new customers can see the social proof of your business’s reliability.

How To Enhance Your Dental Business’ Visibility With Google Maps Optimization?

So, you’re a dental practitioner looking to grow your online presence? Contrary to popular belief, it’s just as important for medical practices to utilize local SEO as much as a small boutique.

Advertise Your “My Google Business Page” With Both New And Old Customers: Let happy customers know you’d appreciate a review to build your platform -simply just asking goes a long way! Most people are willing to do anything to help out someone they like. In addition, let new customers know as you’re scheduling their first appointment, that they can find your address using Google maps.

Respond To Reviews: This means good and bad. By responding to negative reviews promptly, you’re showing potential customers that you truly care about your patients’ experience. It also helps your page develop a more personable side.

Ensure All Of Your Information Is Correct: This means everything. From your address, hours of operation, email, website, phone number, you name it. The more accurate your information is, the higher Google will rank you. If your information isn’t correct, users may flag it as unreliable, and cause Google to take action.

Add Photos: Google recommends adding 3 photos to each category to enhance your page: (1) exterior, (2) interior, and (3) photos of you working / your dental work.

Write Details: Google Business pages that rank the highest have the most detail. It’s recommended to write around 250 words or more to give potential customers more insight. This could include types of payments accepted, the history of your business, or how many dental practitioners you have on-site.

As you go about creating and refining your Google business page, remember to include keywords in your description. There are many SEO keyword generators online to help you with this. Using these keywords ensures that your dental practice is coming up first when the most common questions are asked.

This leads us to our next topic…

How Is Voice Search Changing The Local SEO Game?

A study was done in January of 2018 that found there were over a billion voice searches made each month through Google alone. Out of all of them, 40% were voice searches looking for local goods and services.

Voice search is changing the SEO game by adding the necessity of ‘long tail keywords’ into the mix. More often than not, if we are speaking into our phones, we aren’t just simply saying one word. When you type your question into Google, you may only get one or two words in before you find what you’re looking for.

There are search engine optimization websites that can help you figure out what keywords and key phrases are trending, helping you maximize your dental practice’s online presence.

Overall, Dental Practices Can Greatly Benefit From Google Maps Optimization

There’s no doubt that Google reigns over all other search engines. It’s just a fact of life. Optimizing your dental business’ page not only helps potential customers find you but builds a sense of trust and professionality when they do click on your page.

It might sound tedious, but the benefits your dental practice will reap simply from polishing your online presence are plenty.

Don’t waste any more time missing out on potential customers. There’s truly no better time than now to get started.

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