Promotional Incentives: Cost or Investment?

If you are thinking about a promotional giveaway or incentive for your business, consult a marketing professional to help you design a program that will deliver measurable benefits to both you and your customer.

Marketing professionals know that any brand can easily be translated to a personal product or utility item. Selecting an appropriate promotional giveaway that adequately represents your product or service and is capable of being used at least once a week for a period of multiple months is the key to success.

The marketing industry has manufactured many thousands of promotional products, each designed to inspire a customer to “think of you” when they use the item. Matching the right item with your customer and intended benefit can be a challenge if you don’t have the experience or resources to make the right decision.

At Authorize Local, we always suggest promotional items that capture the personality of our client and are complementary to the color palette of their brand. We look for items that will be used frequently and that our client will be able to confidently inquire as to whether or not the item was useful in the course of ordinary contact with their customer. Following up with your client to make sure the gift was useful and respected is a major element of successful gift promotions and an important way to analyze the impact of the campaign.

Product quality is essential when planning a promotional giveaway, as nobody wants to receive a cheap gift. A giveaway that breaks after the first or second use is a poor reflection on your brand and offers little incentive for the customer to thank you for the gift or have a positive emotion about your firm when they use a similar product of better quality in the future.

To receive a return on investment from the distribution of promotional items, always consider how the use of the item will inspire your customer to think of your product or service and invest in quality materials that will have a long life and reflect the lasting relationship that you wish to develop with every client.

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