Digital Scratch Off

#1 Data Builder
For Re-Marketing

Generate sales with tailored incentives with our digital scratch card. For existing customers and potential leads, build a Digital Scratch Card campaign with incentives to win real prizes and get people talking.

What Is It? How to Benefit?

We answered the most asked questions to clarify how everything works.

What is Scratch-Off Campaigner?

You can think of it like a very advanced scratchcard where you can edit the content and prizes anytime you want. 

Is it real physical card or completely digital?

It is 100% digital. This is why it’s so beneficial. Can be accessed anywhere without boundaries, multiplied without limits, editable instantly and so on…

How It Works?

All starts with creating an account. After that, you simply follow directions on screen step by step to create your own customized scratch card. Then all you have to do is sharing the link of your campaign on any platform or material you want. Can be social media, brochures, t-shirts etc.

How can my business benefit from this?

With the data you collect from the cards, your future announcements will reach the right audience. Winners return to the business to both redeem their prizes and earn new rewards.

How It Works?

Create your own campaign from the user portal with your own logo, colors and texts. Choose the data you want to collect, download the QR code of your campaign and advertise it the way you want.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Create your campaign by starting from the basics with an interface that is extremely easy to use and guides you step by step. You can also preview your changes right side of the screen while making edits.

Gather Only What You Need

Choose what kind of data you would like to collect from your customers and leave unwanted data fields outside of your campaign.

Manage Your Prizes

Simply add or remove prizes however you like. Add beautiful images and attract your customers more. They will remember and return for more!

Start Your Campaign Today!

Join now and start building your loyal customer base.

You Will Win, When Your Customers Win!

It feels good to win. What is won can be a simple game, argument or money. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is to be able to say “I won”. Identify “winning” with your brand.

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