Retail SMS Marketing

SMS marketing works great in retail markets. Authorize Local allows you to easily reach hundreds of customers in a single message. People’s response to SMS ads and messages is much faster than any other form of communication.

Subscriber Growth

Growing your contact list is important for all successful SMS marketing program. Larger the list, the more value you provide. We’ve built the industry’s most enjoyable subscriber growth tool to increase the size of your audience and keep it growing.

Our customers are building their SMS lists fast and consistently using our Digital Scratch-Off campaigner

Audience Engagement

Our service makes it easy to engage your customers with relevant, personalized text messaging and one-on-one conversations that build loyalty. 

From text-to-win contests and SMS surveys to digital mobile coupons, our SMS marketing service has everything you need to connect with your audience in a fun and meaningful ways.

Targeted Messaging

People who see an advertisement or marketing text expect to see a relevance in the content they see. It is the same with SMS marketing. The more appropriate the message you send, the more positive the result will be.

After gettingknow your company and your target audience, we make sure that the messages you send reach the right recipients.

Hands-on Approach

Unlike other companies, we do not leave you alone with software and interfaces. We communicate one-on-one and talk face-to-face like human beings. 

SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Just imagine. You have organized a special discount, a special dinner or a party for a single evening. You don’t have time for advertisements. With Authorize Local, you can announce this event to all your customers with a single click and get in their pocket.

Much Easier Than You Can Imagine

The whole process is very easy with Authorize Local. Just get in touch and watch the magic.

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