Website Maintenance

Keep Your Website Up & Running

Many people think websites are one-time setup. “We built it, we published it, and it’s over.”

The facts are not like that. Let’s explain why.

Technology Evolves Everyday

Just as physical technology is improving every day, so is software technology. Websites are made up of many software working together.

When any of this software is updated, your carefully prepared website may look a little different. Alignments may shift, dimensions may be distorted, etc.

You need to maintain your website regularly to catch up with the latest technology.

It Provides Security

You probably think you are not at risk of being hacked. After all, you’re not Apple or Microsoft, are you? You are a small business. Who would bother hacking you? Let’s give the sad news. Smaller websites are easier prey as they mostly don’t notice that they are hacked and take action.

You don’t have to be working with important data to be hacked. There are many reasons such as Bitcoin mining, stealing Bandwidth, adding invisible spam backlinks to your site, etc.

All of these can be prevented with regular security updates.

Boosts Site Traffic

Google likes constantly updated sites and positively affects their score. Thus, if yours is the most up-to-date among competitor sites where a search is made about your business, you will be at the forefront. To ensure this, you should regularly check the content every month and change your content slightly according to current searches.

Reduces Future Workload

If you don’t make regular updates, there will be huge technological differences between the update you made after a long time and the one when you developed the site.

Frameworks are changing, algorithms are changing, everything is changing at an incredible speed. When you make these changes regularly every month, you will not only stay up to date, but also eliminate the problems that you may encounter with a sudden update in the future.

What problems are they? A specially coded script may no longer work due to a class or ID change. The developer of a plugin you are using may have completely changed the way the plugin works. Your theme and WordPress version may no longer work together in harmony etc.

Make Sure Your Website Is Always Healthy

Now is the time to get the job done. Get in touch and get this done. You are in good hands.

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